Your Guide for Easter-Themed Sweets!

Easter is the time for egg hunts, festive bunny rabbits, and delicious sweet treats. Here are some easy ways to theme your menu for the Easter holiday that will be sure to delight your customers.

Pastel-Colored Sprinkles and Frostings: Perhaps you already serve frosting-covered cookies, cupcakes, or other pastries. With the simple addition of some food coloring, you can transform those customer favorites into Easter-themed treats! Easter’s hallmark is pastel colors, including baby pinks, yellows, and blues, so try adding just a dash of food coloring to get a less vibrant color.

Bunny-Shaped Cookies: Using a cookie-cutter, or if you’re brave, you can freehand it, you can turn your average oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies into bunny-shaped ones. This will be particularly enjoyable for the kids.

Flowers and Floral Decoration: Since Easter arrives in the spring, one of the more festive ways to celebrate it is flowers. You can add edible floral decorations to any dessert to make it Easter-ready. This includes literal edible arrangements, but it also includes floral-themed sprinkles.

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