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You Just Got Lucky This St. Patrick’s Day!

Buchmann Eggs on St Patrick's Day

This St. Patrick’s Day, impress your guests with delicious baked goods and desserts that will make this holiday even more special! A great way to do this is by stocking up on baking ingredients from Buchmann Eggs. Our selection of high-quality products means you can create a variety of delectable treats for every occasion! From green icing to sprinkles and food coloring, we’ve got what you need for St. Patrick’s Day.

Sweet Treats to Sham-Rock Your Menu

For those who want something classic, why not try making a traditional Irish soda bread? It’s surprisingly easy to make and requires only a few ingredients such as Buchmann Eggs’ all-purpose flour, baking powder, sugar and bicarbonate of soda. Simply mix these together with buttermilk before shaping the dough into a round loaf and baking in the oven – voila! You’ll have a delicious, hearty bread that’s perfect for serving with butter and jam.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to make something sweet, some Irish-style buns are the way to go. These are a quintessential St. Patrick’s Day dessert and can be made using self-raising flour and baking powder. Mix them together with sugar, currants and dried fruit before shaping the dough into buns and baking in the oven – you’ll have delicious buns in no time! Serve them warm with plenty of butter for an extra special treat.

Finally, whip up creamy crème brûlée! This decadent dessert is guaranteed to delight your dinner guests – all you need to create it is double cream, eggs and sugar. Simply mix these together with a dash of vanilla extract before pouring the mixture into ramekins and baking in the oven. Once cooked, sprinkle over some caster sugar to create a crunchy topping that will add an extra layer of sweetness to your bakes.

This St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you head to Buchmann Eggs for all your baking needs! With our selection of premium ingredients, you’ll be able to create delicious bakes and desserts that everyone can enjoy. From traditional Irish soda breads to buns and crème brûlée, there’s something for everyone this holiday. View our extensive product catalog or contact a Buchmann Eggs representative for more information. Let’s get baking!

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