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Why Sourdough Bread is Valuable

Sourdough is an immensely popular bread. It has several different functions. From serving as the foundation for a tasty sandwich to introducing a delicious meal, sourdough provides restaurants with value in many areas. No matter how it is consumed, sourdough bread is defined by the soft interior texture that provides a buttery flavor in each bite.

The flavors of sourdough bread come from its unique composition. Sourdough is comprised of wild yeast, yet that is not what forms the distinct taste. Acids that come from non-harmful bacteria within the bread form the slightly sour flavor. This flavor helps sourdough stand out compared to other breads and is a vital factor in its immense popularity.

Restaurants have many different ways to provide their customers with the delicious taste of sourdough bread. This includes:

  • Traditional Loaves
  • Baguettes
  • Bread Bowls
  • Dinner Rolls

Sourdough offers restaurant operators tremendous versatility. It can accommodate varying customer taste preferences while still providing high-quality taste. Customers that enjoy a crispy exterior texture with their bread will enjoy a toasted sourdough sandwich. On the other hand, a soft loaf of sourdough will satisfy people who prefer less crunch in a sandwich. Either way, sourdough retains its sour, buttery flavor.

There are dozens of menu items that pair wonderfully with sourdough bread. Olive oil and vinegar add a hint of saltiness when served next to sourdough dinner rolls. A sourdough bread bowl enhances the rich flavors of clam chowder. The different ways sourdough can be incorporated into the menu adds value for restaurants and provides customers with many options to enjoy a delicious bread.

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