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Why Restaurants Should Pair Cheese with Plant-Based Options

The demand for fresh produce is surging with today’s customers. Produce is essential for consumers with almost any type of eating preference. For example, meat-eaters love the addition of a ripe tomato and Romaine lettuce on top of a juicy cheeseburger. Vegan and vegetarian eaters that follow a plant-based diet use fresh produce on a daily basis for meatless meals and snacks.

New reports show that plant-based dishes are becoming popular with customers that eat meat. A Technomic study found that 49% of customers would be likely to order an item labeled “plant-based”, while only 44% would order an item labeled as “meatless”. This displays the desire that many meat-eaters have to increase their consumption of produce. It is also another example of how the plant-based eating trend is impacting consumers with all eating preferences.

Restaurant operators can take advantage of plant-based options by pairing them with delicious cheese. Adding cheese with innovative plant-based plates provides important benefits for the restaurant and customer. Operators can charge more for the dish, which increases the profitability of the menu. Cheese has protein, which is listed by Technomic as one of the most valuable nutrients to customers when attempting to eat healthy. Lastly, high-quality cheese will add tremendous flavor to any dish, and it will leave customers asking for more.

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For more details on why restaurants should add cheese to plant-based items, please read on at Restaurant Business Online.


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