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Why Choose Pre-Made, Frozen Cakes?

How do you make delicious bakery goods in today’s restaurant labor shortage? Frozen cakes are a smart and tasty answer! The restaurant industry’s labor shortage has pushed many businesses to streamline their food-making process. Frozen cakes ensure you can still get tasty food out for less time and less effort.


Pre-Made, Frozen Cakes

Our pre-made, frozen cakes are the perfect answer to today’s food and beverage challenges. These impressive flavors are able to rival any freshly baked standard, with plenty of potential to decorate with additional ingredients.

Labor Shortage

Time Magazine revealed one out of every ten restaurants closed in the pandemic. Restaurants, bakeries, and delis have no choice but to meet challenges head-on…starting with their menu!

Pre-made, frozen cakes make up for the reduced labor by requiring fewer hours and far less hands. They can still be customized with fruit, flowers, or additional designs.

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Value-Added Items

Value-added items take a food item to the next level by altering it in a convenient way. Pre-made, frozen cakes take the labor out of the process while still providing customers with a tasty, satisfying treat. Other value-added items include liquid eggs or flour.


Want to save money and attract more customers? Buchmann Eggs is ready to meet you halfway with delicious frozen cakes and liquid eggs.

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