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Wholesale Prices for Shell Eggs Weakened

This week’s Market News is here! Here are a few highlights of the September 13th report on the baking industry:


EGGS: Wholesale prices for cartoned shell eggs weakened and began to move lower. Offerings are light to moderate but more than sufficient for moderate supplies and much reduced demand. Trading is moderate but slowing. Wholesale prices for graded loose eggs receded through the week on increasing offerings and adequate supplies. The level of demand that had helped to move prices higher in recent weeks has faded. 

WHEAT: Open interest has been on the rise which means traders have been adding new short positions. We are nearly finished harvesting spring wheat in the U.S., but Canada is now only getting close to the halfway point. WASDE report comes out tomorrow; this is a highly weighted one with traders looking for post-harvest numbers.

BUTTER: No new update available.


Click HERE for the full report.

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