Wholesale Prices for Shell Eggs Show Modest Increase

This week’s Legacy Market News Update has valuable information for baking operations. Here are some of the key takeaways that are applicable to the dairy, egg, and flour markets.

EGGS: Wholesale prices for cartoned shell eggs posted modest increases during the week as available offerings tightened while supplies became mixed, leaving some marketers short of their expected needs. Consumer demand for shell eggs continue to decline from peak levels through the recent holiday season, echoing trends from recent years. Demand typically recedes into early January following the holiday season before rising into the second half of the month.

FLOUR: Wheat markets moved considerably based on news that Russia may double their export tax. Basis is holding steady even considering the run on the board, mainly due to ownership being already out of the producers’ hands.

BUTTER: The government seems to be making an effort to boost butter prices to help narrow the Class III-Class IV spread, but their plan would be more effective if they stopped announcing new cheese purchases. The USDA also announced they will issue solicitations for $40 million worth of retail (print) butter as well.

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