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Wholesale Prices for Shell Eggs Held Steady

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EGGS: Wholesale prices for cartoned shell eggs held steady through the week with supplies in a range of moderate to heavy but weakness had crept in by week’s end. Offerings remain manageable and the pace of trading slowed on average interest. Wholesale prices for graded loose eggs inched higher early on but turned downward by week’s end. 

BUTTER: ​​Buyers have been mildly aggressive in the CME spot butter market, but sellers have also been aggressive and have limited the price increase. While fresh supplies are on the tight side, sellers have been happy to unload butter at current prices. EU prices were higher in euro terms, but that was mostly offset by a higher U.S. dollar. Weak milk production and high cream prices are pulling butter prices higher.

WHEAT: Winter wheat harvest is underway with about 25% of the new crop planted so far. USDA quarterly stocks and small grains report is due out today. Average guesses indicate smaller ending stocks for wheat and soybeans, but larger for corn than previously thought. Global energy shortages are raising costs for transportation which is spilling into commodity prices as well.


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