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Ways to Use Tortillas in Your Menu

When many customers think of tortillas, the tasty flavors of Mexican food come to mind. Tortillas are a featured ingredient in dozens of dishes that come from Mexican food culture. However, tortillas provide great value for restaurants that serve any kind of food.

Tortillas have several benefits for restaurants. The unique texture helps create options that stand out. They are easy to hold and eat, which is very important in appealing to customers on the go. Lastly, tortillas are a versatile ingredient that can be used in menu items throughout the day. Multipurpose ingredients are valuable for restaurants, as they limit buying costs.

Here are three delicious options that demonstrate the value tortillas bring to the menu:

  • Breakfast Burritos: Tortillas are a necessity to create delicious morning wraps. These can feature eggs, meat, and potatoes to provide a traditional favorite, or strictly be filled with fresh vegetables to create an option for vegetarian customers.
  • Lunch Wraps: The tortilla featured in a lunch wrap separates it from a normal sandwich. Lunch wraps often include cuts of meat, such as turkey or ham, and different vegetables. They are a convenient option for your customers seeking a quick lunch.
  • California Burritos: The California Burrito is one of many rich burritos that will satisfy your customers. It features French fries along with many typical ingredients of a Mexican burrito: meat, cheese, rice, and beans. A high-quality tortilla will complement these delicious ingredients and form a mouthwatering selection on the menu.

Our product catalog carries several different tortillas that will help create customer favorites. We have Fresca flour and corn tortillas that are the ideal foundation for a delicious burrito. Your restaurant can add our Venice Baking Gluten Free Flour Tortilla to create menu items that will appeal to the growing segment of gluten free eaters.

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