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Warming Winter Delights!

Winter is a time for warm food that can bring families together around the dinner table. With everything going on in the world, quick and easy recipes made with high-end ingredients are a comfort that everybody deserves to enjoy. Check out these recipes that are bound to leave you satisfied this season, and take a look at our product catalog to see a list of our offerings to assist you!

Potato Soup
Hot, creamy, and delicious, a savory bowl of potato soup can warm your stomach and brighten your mood after a day out in the cold. Add in some roasted peppers and bacon bits for an extra kick, and serve it up with a side of fresh bread for a fantastic meal.

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Country Ham and Potatoes
A simple meal that’s quick to make and easy to savor, few can resist the delicious comfort that comes with country ham and potatoes. Add in a salad or some extra veggies to complete the meal, and you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy.

Creamy Skillet Mac & Cheese
Mac & cheese is a great comfort meal no matter what season you have it in, but it’s especially delicious on those chilly winter nights when you’re just looking for a little extra warmth. Enjoy the rich cheesy flavor that’s fast and easy to get on the table.

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