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Use Different Meats to Form a Variety of Cultural Favorites

Countries around the world use specific types of meat to form dishes that represent their culture. For example, a juicy carnitas taco is instantly connected to Mexican food culture. A warm, steaming meatball is associated with the rich tradition of Italian food. Different meats represent the cultures where they originated.

The globalization of the food industry has allowed customers to enjoy popular cultural dishes from countries all around the world. Traditional dishes from countries such as Mexico and Italy have become prominent menu items in the United States. Your restaurant can stand out from competitors by offering a diverse menu that includes delicious dishes from a variety of cultures.

Cotati Food Service can supply your restaurant with different meats to form appetizing menu items. Bolster your selection of Italian food by buying our Fontanini Italian Meatballs. Your restaurant will attract hungry customers by using these delicious meatballs in sandwiches and pasta. Capitalize on the popularity of Mexican food by using our Cloverdale Meat Pork Carnitas to create tasty tacos, burritos, and nachos.

The summer months will increase customer demand for American classics such as cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Pair our Advance Beef Steak Burger Patty with fresh vegetables to add a high-quality cheeseburger to the menu. Many restaurants can improve their menu by using our Hebrew National Hot Dog to create tasty bacon-wrapped hot dogs that will fulfill customer demand during summertime.

Your restaurant can capitalize on the summer months by improving your collection of meat products. Contact Cotati Food Service for more information about how we can supply high-quality ingredients that will help increase your sales this summer.

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