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Upgrade Your Burger Menu

Cheeseburgers are one of the most beloved foods in the country. The juicy flavors of a perfectly grilled meat patty combined with a crispy, light bun create a scrumptious American favorite. From fast food to an outdoor BBQ, cheeseburgers hold a prominent place in the life of many customers.

The popularity of cheeseburgers has created tremendous competition for restaurant operators vying to produce a burger that stands out. This is difficult for most restaurants, as prominent fast food chains have dominated the cheeseburger market for many years.

Restaurant operators can separate themselves from the fast food giants by creating unique burgers that feature new ingredients and delicious flavors. In a crowded industry, many customers are searching for creative versions of the standard cheeseburger. Restaurants that are able to capitalize on this demand by using innovative ingredients on their burgers will increase sales and traffic to their location.

Cotati Food Service can supply your operation with the ingredients to form high-quality cheeseburgers. Use our Painted Hills Ground Chuck Beef to shape mouth-watering, lean beef patties. Separate your burgers from the competition by purchasing our Willamette Large Eggs and featuring one in your burger. Eggs add tremendous flavor to burgers and can form a truly unique burger on your menu. Add our Packer Romaine Lettuce and Packer Tomatoes to give your burger a fresh taste in every bite.

All of the listed ingredients are featured in our weekly specials discount. They are available for sale at a discounted price through June 8th. Please contact Cotati Food Service to learn more about how our product catalog can help improve the menu at your restaurant!


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