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Unpacking the Popularity of Plant-Forward

Plants are truly becoming the star of the plate. Nearly 40% of Americans say that they are eating less red meat, and almost half seek to eat more vegetables. There are few more influential trends for our entire planet than plant-forward.

Changing Tastes

All consumers have different reasons for wanting to eat more plants, whether that be ethical reasons, reduce health risks, to help the environment, or simply feel better.

A Range of Choices

For most consumers, plant-forward eating is on a spectrum as opposed to an all-or-nothing proposition. Roughly two-thirds of respondents indicated that they aren’t interested in giving up meat entirely. Instead of avoiding meat, people are celebrating delicious plant-forward cuisine.

A Plant-Forward Menu Strategy

On average, 30% of restaurants’ main dishes are vegetarian or vegan or include a smaller amount of meat. When having tasty plant-forward options, you are helping guests eat more produce and whole grains.

Climate-Healthy Menus

Making sure that plant-forward meals are environmentally friendly is incredibly important. Putting plants at the center of the plate while ensuring sustainably sourced and humanely raised animal proteins minimizes the environmental impact.

People’s eating habits are constantly changing, and it is important to make sure to stay at the forefront of it all. Luckily, it seems like plant-forward is sticking around for the long run. Cotati Food Service provides the freshest products for the greater Bay Area. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist in helping your business grow and succeed!

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