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Unique and Delicious Chicken!

Chicken remains the cornerstone of many meals. This white meat is delicious and healthy, but you might want ways to spice up this protein. With a few unique ingredients, you can add a twist to your everyday chicken entrees.

Boost Your Chicken Dishes with These Ideas

Lemongrass Chili Chicken 

If you want a little kick to your weekday chicken dinner, try adding some lemongrass and chili to the pan. This juicy chicken entree transports you to the Far East with its blend of spices

Chicken Alfredo 

The creamy, buttery cheese sauce makes this dish a big hit with many diners. You can even add some vegetables, like broccoli, for some added nutrition into your meal. 

Grilled Chicken

Your chicken dishes don’t have to be unhealthy. Grilled chicken is the perfect accompaniment to a green salad or to have with a side of rice or quinoa

Classic Roast  

Roasts are not just for Sundays anymore! You can roast chicken any time of the week. If you want to pump up the flavor, make sure to add different seasonings, like garlic and herbs

Chicken Casserole 

You can get creative with a chicken casserole dish. Add some cauliflower, fresh peas, and white rice for a healthy spin on this classic dish.

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Who says that chicken has to be boring? With a few unique ingredients, you can take your chicken to the next level!

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