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Tips to Succeed When Serving Breakfast All-Day

Breakfast sales are booming, and consumer demand is showing no signs of dropping. While the trend is clear, some restaurants are still reluctant to embrace breakfast due to the strain all-day breakfast can put on staff. Kitchens can become cramped and hectic when additional items are offered on menus, and servers may have a harder time turning tables.

In a tough restaurant environment, many businesses cannot afford to ignore the potential earnings that all-day breakfast programs offer. Here are a few ways restaurants can make all-day breakfast offerings less stressful:

Use Multipurpose Ingredients

  • Efficiently using one ingredient for a variety of recipes decreases cost and prep time for each meal.

Minimize Prep Work

  • Careful selection of pre-made ingredients reduces the responsibilities of each employee in the kitchen, thus allowing them to spend more time on individual dishes and deliver higher quality.

Arrange Your Kitchen with a Purpose

  • Deliberate separation of breakfast materials and processes from lunch and dinner functions will improve the  organization and efficiency of your kitchen.

For more detailed information on how to implement these ideas into your business, please read on at FSR Magazine.

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