Tips For Bakeries To Prosper Through Covid 19

Here are a collection of tips for bakeries to succeed through the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Embrace Social Media and Technology: Use social media and technology to reach customers and make it convenient for them to enjoy your products. Customers will appreciate any communication about exclusive specials, online ordering, and other relevant updates.

2. Focus on Peak Selling Times: Capitalize during the times of the day that your customers typically crave baked goods, such as morning and mid-afternoon.

3. Optimize Delivery and Takeout: Adding delivery can help your business reach people looking to limit their time out of the house. Efficient curbside pickup is another great option that makes it easy and simple on your customers, increasing the likelihood they come back again.

4. Be Creative: Offer new products, flavors, and specials designed to incentive people to order your delicious products.

5. Prioritize Product Assortment: Highlighting your best-selling products will increase appeal with customers and help control costs.

Buchmann Eggs can help supply all of your foodservice needs. We are committed to providing the superior products, competitive pricing, and outstanding service that will help restaurants and bakeries thrive through the reopening journey.

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