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The Value of Non-Perishables

During these uncertain times,  many people are looking to purchase large amounts of non-perishables to ensure they have enough food to minimize their public interactions. Additionally, restaurants can capitalize on these types of foods in their to-go menus because they are incredibly versatile.

Beans and legumes are known to be shelf-stable and also have protein and fiber. They can be used in different dishes, such as dips, soups and stews. Cotati Food Service offers a variety of different types, including black, kidney, pinto, and garbanzo beans. Rice and grains are also essential, as they can be cooked in bulk and last throughout the week. Rice lasts up to six months in the pantry and accompanies almost every protein.

We offer many different types of rice, from pilaf, to brown, to arborio. Spices and dried herbs are also incredibly important during this time. Using a variety of different spices can keep consumers interested in what they are eating, especially during a time when people may be forced to repeat specific meals.

Cotati Food Service has everything that operators need during this time. Whether it be jasmine rice with ground basil, garlic powder and onion, or black beans with forbidden rice, we offer them at the highest quality. Offering items that not only last but have nutritional value will allow operators to increase sales and boost customer satisfaction.

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