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The IT dessert for this summer is here

Let’s soak up the warm summer sun with the best chilled dessert we all know and love.. Did you guess ice cream? Because that’s IT. Load up on It’s-It, a San Francisco classic treat. What started out in San Francisco is now growing a strong fanbase in different states across the country.

The popular It’s-It Ice Cream treat is created with a hefty scoop of your ice cream choice that has been sandwiched in between two delicious old-fashioned oatmeal cookies, then coated in a yummy dark chocolate. This frozen summer treat will be a part of all the unforgettable summer memories your customers will have. Young or old this is the perfect way for them to beat off the summer heat and to make new memories or cherish old ones.

Cotati Food Service offers three of It’s-It classic ice cream flavors: chocolate, mint, and vanilla. All of the perfect flavors that everyone loves and keeps wanting more of. Each case includes two dozen ice cream sandwiches. Order all three flavors to create the perfect mini ice cream sandwich stand for customers to pick and choose from. All three flavors are a must try!

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