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The Importance of Proper To-Go Packaging

Global pandemics and consumer preferences have driven change in the ways that restaurants serve their customers. To-go orders are now the norm that presents a new set of challenges for traditionally dine-in restaurants only. Proper to-go packaging is more important than ever.

Keeping Food Warm and Fresh

Temperature and freshness are a big part of the meal experience. Unfortunately, when the meal is not served in the restaurant, these things become more difficult to control. Food packaging that provides insulation to keep food warm without trapping the condensation that makes food soggy will affect how your customers associate quality with your dishes.

Protecting Food from the Environment

Speaking of soggy–you don’t want to send your food out in flimsy cardboard boxes that will break down in a little light rain and leave your customers dinner on the driveway. To-go orders are typically transported outdoors and in cars for an average of fifteen minutes. You will want to make sure that your to-go packaging is sturdy enough to handle the ride–and the weather!

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Keeping Food Safe From Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination is a big deal for restaurants. An outbreak of foodborne illness can ruin your reputation. But again, once the food leaves your building, it is hard to control what happens next. Tamper-proof containers can limit the risk of contamination and build customer confidence in the safety of your food.

Cotati Food Service is your expert in safe and effective packaging for to-go orders. We can help your business make the transition to meet new demands with ease. Contact us today for more information on our to-go packaging.

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