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The Defining Features of Popular Cheeses

Cheese is more than a useful kitchen ingredient. It is an item that makes a delicious impact on meals that define food culture in regions around the world. Many Italians will not enjoy their pasta without a sizable amount of parmesan sprinkled on top. There are dozens of recipes within Mexican culture that call for a small amount of Cotija cheese on top of refried or black beans. Cheddar cheese is a well-established favorite to include on cheeseburgers for American customers. Every culture has their beloved cheese.

Different kinds of cheese have specific characteristics that differentiate them from each other. These primary factors are color, taste, and texture. Below are the profiles of five popular cheeses that originate from five different countries:

Cheddar – England

  • Color: white to orange
  • Taste: mild
  • Texture: smooth and firm; can be crumbled

Fresh Mozzarella – Italy

  • Color: white
  • Taste: creamy, rich
  • Texture: soft, moist

Muenster – Germany

  • Color: yellow, white, or tan; white interior
  • Taste: mellow
  • Texture: semisoft

Cotija – Mexico

  • Color: creamy white
  • Taste: salty
  • Texture: dry and firm

Gouda – Holland

  • Color: yellow
  • Taste: nutlike, mild
  • Texture: semisoft to hard

While each cheese has differences that make them unique, they all serve a similar function: to enhance flavor. The rich flavors of a cheese from one country can positively impact another country’s food culture. Millions of American consumers enjoy muenster, gouda, mozzarella, and cotija on a variety of different meals. Restaurants that offer a diverse selection of cheese on their menu provide customers with options as they order. Customers will appreciate the ability to experience their favorite cheese on different menu items, which will increase customer satisfaction.

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