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The Benefits of Using Liquid Eggs

Bakeries are often understaffed and when orders start coming in, every minute is precious! It’s essential for restaurants & bakeries to optimize their kitchen while maintaining quality & taste. Liquid eggs are a great way to save time & storage while producing great-tasting baked goods. 


Using Liquid Eggs Saves Time and Money

Bakers often only need the egg white or yolk, but what happens to the rest of the egg? You can reduce waste & save time by buying eggs in liquid form so you’ll only have to use what is necessary. The shelf life of a fresh egg is around 28 days, while liquid chilled eggs can last up to 35+ days (if it consists of 100% egg) & up to 60+ days (if it uses preservatives). In addition, frozen liquid eggs can last up to 24 months! 

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Other benefits bakeries & restaurants should consider when using liquid eggs over shell eggs include: 

  • Cleaner kitchen
  • Less labor 
  • Faster preparation
  • Reduce in waste
  • Increase in food safety
  • Better price for the quality rate


Wanting high-quality liquid or shell eggs? Visit Buchmann Eggs to find out how you can get quality eggs for your restaurant or bakery!

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