Tasty Sweets to Fire Up Your 4th of July

Let’s be real, the best part about the Fourth of July is the food – especially the yummy desserts. With the help of Buchmann Eggs, bring the festivities to your bakery or restaurant with memorable desserts for all special occasions! 

In celebration of America’s birthday, here are some ideas to fire up your holiday menu: 


Wanting to add a refreshing taste to your menu? This creamy cheesecake is topped with fresh berries for those wanting a light, juicy summer dessert! Add food coloring for a more patriotic look.


Using Pop Rocks for sprinkles, this creative dessert will surely light up your menu! It’s a fun twist to a classic vanilla cupcake that your customers will enjoy after a day out in the sun.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? This festive dessert is filled with a rich, creamy white chocolate ganache and finished with an outer coating of red, white and blue sprinkles. A guaranteed crowd pleaser! 


Oh say, can you see? These red, white and blue star shaped sugar cookies are perfect for the Fourth of July weekend. It’s a great staple any bakery or restaurant should consider adding to their dessert menu. 


At Buchmann Eggs, we guarantee the highest quality baking ingredients for any operation. Contact us today to hear about all of the items we offer to improve your operation! 

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