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Takeout Products Galore!

From takeout food packaging to classic paper products, the quality is very important. No one likes to have their takeout food arrive cold or soggy. Proper packaging would easily solve this problem. Because of the pandemic, takeout has become the saving grace for most operations, making this even more important. Cotati Food Service has all of the highest quality paper products to keep your food fresh and customers satisfied.

There are many reasons that the right packaging is important, but cross-contamination is a very common problem in operations. Proper food packaging keeps food safe from this occurring, which can cause allergic reactions and even illnesses. The right packaging also makes food more appealing, too, and keeps the food at the temperature it should be eaten at. Over 60% of diners state that the freshness, quality, and temperature of their food is the most critical factor of ordering takeout.

Choosing the right materials for your restaurant, depending on the type of food that you offer, is also very important. From Styrofoam, plastic, foil, to paper and biodegradable materials, Cotati Food Service offers a variety of different options at great prices. We also offer a variety of other paper products for your operation, including toilet paper and napkins. Contact us today to learn more about how we can supply your foodservice needs!

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