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Takeout Innovations During COVID-19

Restaurants are being forced to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, doing everything possible to keep their businesses alive. Takeout is the only option, so operations are shifting their business models with creative ideas and promotions.

1. Unconventional Takeout Foods

Perishable items in your restaurant pantry that tend to spoil, such as eggs, meat, and cheese can be used to create new items on your menu, such as charcuterie boards, omelettes, a la carte sides, and more!

2. Creative Coronavirus Specials

Creating specials that are tied to the current lockdown will help your business stand out. Some restaurants have even provided a roll of toilet paper with their takeout orders, as well as quarantine kits and “stay home hors d’oeuvres”.

3. Heat-and-eat dishes

There are certain meals that lose their heat and texture when taken to-go. Restaurants have adapted to the problem by creating heat-and-eat dishes. This also works well for restaurants who never provided takeout in the past, as these can be prepared ahead of time and frozen or refrigerated.

4. Meal Kits

Some restaurants have prepared packages for their customers that contain the ingredients to make their favorite dishes at home. This is also more cost-effective for larger families who can get entrees for a larger group of people at a lower price.

5. Food Subscriptions

Prior to the pandemic, food subscriptions did not exist for restaurants. Now, customers are able to sign up for a plan with their favorite restaurants, with their meals being delivered at a certain time. This also allows restaurants to have steady income during this uncertain time.

Staying inventive and continuing to be open to new concepts and ideas is vital during this crisis. Check back next week for five more innovative ideas for your restaurant!

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