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Take a Crack at Liquid Eggs

Eggs are an important, versatile ingredient for both cooking and baking. Being rich in nutrients, (such as vitamins, proteins & minerals) it’s not always convenient to fix shell eggs. Keep reading to find out the benefits of using liquid eggs!

What Are Liquid Eggs?

Liquid eggs are simply eggs in a state of fluid consistency. Just as your average, shell-covered eggs, with the greatest difference being liquid eggs are pasteurized, homogenized and packed in a carton. Having many health benefits, it’s an alternative bakeries or restaurants should consider as it saves time and money. 

Benefits of Liquid Eggs

Other than having equal nutritional value as regular eggs, liquid eggs have a longer shelf life. In addition, through the pasteurization process, Salmonella and other bacteria are destroyed, which isn’t seen with regular eggs. Liquid eggs are generally high quality, ideal for portion control and menu cost planning, and frees up time and labor. 


Are you a San Diego food industry business that’s looking for a top-quality supplier of baking goods and supplies? Take a look at Buchmann Eggs to learn more today.


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