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Sweeten Your Beverage Menu!

Consumers expect options at each restaurant they attend. Every customer will have their own taste preferences, and by offering a wide variety of selections, an operator increases the likelihood of completely satisfying the majority of their customers. Food industry leaders have thrived on this principle. It has become evident in recent years that it is not enough to simply offer a staple food item; there must be some differentiated benefit or taste in order to beat your competitors.

Coffee is synonymous with breakfast; you will not find a more common and necessary item that breakfast operators must possess to meet the needs of their customers. Millions of people drink coffee around the world, which creates an extremely large group of customers. Industry leaders in the coffee market do much more than offer their customers standard coffee; they provide their customers with a diverse range of flavors that allows the customer to indulge in their favorite sweet flavors while enjoying their coffee. The addition of the extra flavor improves the taste and results in greater customer satisfaction. This phenomenon is also seen in other types of beverages. In the past decade, industry leaders in the soda market have combined their product with flavors such as vanilla and cherry, which has lead to an increase in popularity for their brands.

An easy method to provide your customers with new, innovative beverage options is to use flavored syrups for coffee, sodas, and more. Just a teaspoon of flavored syrup can help turn a standard latte or soda into a customized delight that fulfills your customers’ favorite taste preference. Allow Cotati Food Service to help innovate your beverage offerings with our tremendous selection of flavored syrups. Try our French Vanilla Torani Syrup to create a cold, refreshing vanilla soda that separates your soda selection from the competitors. Use our Gingerbread Torani Syrup and build a gingerbread cappuccino to embrace and capitalize on the holiday season. Looking to target health-conscious customers? Pair our Sugar Free Hazelnut Torani Syrup with non-fat milk to build a skinny hazelnut latte that will provide a sweet, yet responsible coffee option for individuals watching their diets.

Businesses must get creative and differentiate themselves from their competitors, especially in the restaurant businesses. Using Cotati Food Service to build a more diverse and satisfying beverage menu will help you provide more value to your customers and stand out compared to your competition.

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