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Supplying Your Storage Needs

Finding the room for inventory that will not be needed for days, weeks, or months is a strain on your business. It can be difficult to organize, take up valuable space, and clutter your work environment. This is especially true when having to store perishable goods, as finding adequate refrigeration or frozen storage is challenging.

Cotati Food Service provides versatile storage ability for a wide range of products. Our 43,500 square foot facility is designed to store and ship an assortment of frozen, refrigerated, and dry goods. The warehouse contains multiple refrigerators at different temperatures that will satisfy all of your cold storage needs. We provide low cost pallet storage and guarantee streamlined in-and-out charges. This helps create an efficient system of storage at a great value for our valued customers.

If the hassle of holding inventory is weighing your business down, please contact our team. We are thrilled to offer the highest quality storage of excess inventory in the North Bay!

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