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Super Summer Menu Ideas!

Summer can be a great opportunity to update your operation’s menu to feature delicious and refreshing dishes that are perfect for warm weather and good times. Here are some wonderful options to enhance your menu and increase customer satisfaction and sales.

What screams summer more than a scrumptious pepper-rubbed steak topped with juicy tomatoes and a side of sweet potato wedges? Grilled chicken can also be a great dish, especially because it can be prepared with a variety of different flavors. For example, you can go with an East Indian masala blend with a refreshing cucumber mint sauce, or a more traditional route with lemon and rosemary chicken with a side of roasted potatoes.

It is also important to offer a delicious dinner for vegetarians. A tomato tart is delicious, and could be offered as both an appetizer and entree. Going a healthier route, a grilled tuna salad is fabulous and nutritious. With fennel, radishes, and juicy tangerines, it is the perfect combination to offer on a hot summer day.

Luckily, Cotati Food Service can help you with all of the ingredients you need to update your menu this summer. From fresh steaks, to the cucumbers for your sauce, to the satisfying tuna, we can provide it. Let us help you maximize profits and improve your overall operation.

Contact Cotati Food Service to see how we can help supply your foodservice needs today!

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