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Summer’s Fruit-Forward Favorites!

Are you looking to incorporate fruit into tasty baked sweets this summer? Here are a couple mouthwatering fruity treats that will quickly become summer favorites on your menu.


LEMON BARS: Fresh lemon bars are sure to please customers looking for a sweet and tart indulgence on a hot summer day. Highlighted by a unique, zesty flavor profile, the lemon bar is a menu staple that will delight every customer.

BLUEBERRY LEMON TART: Blueberry lemon tarts is the perfect sweet to deliver signature flavor and a healthy punch. It can be served as both a breakfast and dessert item, providing a satisfying mix of sweet and tangy baked brilliance.

LEMON MERINGUE PIE: A rich lemon filling paired with a delectable pie crust creates a truly exceptional dessert that will keep your customers coming back for more. This classic, zesty pie can headline any dessert menu and promises to please the toughest critic.


Buchmann Egg’s expansive product catalog is stocked with the finest ingredients that will deliver signature flavor and superior performance in every baked sweet.

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