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Strengthen Your Drink Menu for Summer

Summer is almost here! With only a month until warm weather and sunny skies arrive, restaurant operators must capitalize on the opportunities that summer provides. One of these opportunities is to bolster the drink menu at your operation.

Many summertime activities induce the desire for a cold drink. Summer is the season of relaxation and vacations. Consumers will be seeking to complement a day at the pool or round of golf with a satisfying beverage. In addition, many people look forward to a refreshing drink after work on a hot summer day.

It is important to carry a variety of beverage items to satisfy the demands of potential consumers. A wide-ranging beverage menu that provides customers with different tastes and flavors can help increase your sales and satisfy more customers during the summer months.

Our product catalog carries a diverse set of products to enhance your beverage options. Try our Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix to create a spicy and salty treat for your customers. Looking to provide a sweeter cocktail for summer? Use our Mr. and Mrs. T Mai Tai Mix and craft a delicious, sweet drink that will give your customers a small taste of Hawaii. Add our Roses Grenadine Syrup to splash a small bit of cherry flavor and a hint of red color into any of your drinks. From cocktails to soda, this syrup can turn a beverage from average to exceptional.

Contact Cotati Food Service to learn more about how we can supply your restaurant with the ingredients to form a delicious beverage menu!

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