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Simple Yet Delicious Entrees for Summer

Summertime is quickly approaching. These simple but delicious entrees are guaranteed to satisfy your customers’ hunger throughout the summer months.

Customers Love These Easy To Make Meals

When it is hot outside, consumers want to choose healthy but quick meals for their family. Fresh fish, like salmon, is the perfect protein for those summertime meals. You can wrap it up and add it to a grill for a smoky flavor. Artichokes, chicken breast, and tomatoes combine in a dish to blend all the flavors of summer. Along with that, these entrees are simple to make.

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Simple Ingredients

The key to summer meals is to use simple ingredients. With a couple of items, you can create a delicious meal. Spinach and feta can spruce up boring turkey burgers. Sausage on the grill with bell peppers and potatoes is another easy way to help create those beautiful summer nights.

Healthy and Satisfying

Since summer is the time for fresh veggies and fruits, you can incorporate them into any meal. Not only do they add flavor, but they can help you enjoy more healthy ingredients in your meals.

If you are searching for the healthiest ingredients, turn to Cotati Food Service. From meats to vegetables, we have a large selection of items to create a delicious meal.

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