Serve Traditional Holiday Delights!

The holiday season is a fantastic time of year where you get to indulge in the sugary sweet confections you’ve been longing for since last December. Take a look at these top four traditional holiday treats that you’ll want around your table this year.

Gingerbread Men Cookies

What’s the holiday season without gingerbread men cookies? Not a very festive one, that’s for sure. Making a tray of these classic cookies is a great way to celebrate this most wonderful time of the year. 


No need to go looking for any dancing fairies; these sugarplums will be more than enough to help get your mind into the holiday spirit this season. These sweet treats are a delicious addition to any dessert spread.  

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Baked Alaska 

Ice cream and cake coated in a fluffy meringue that will have you drooling for another piece? Few people can resist the scrumptious seasonal treat of baked alaska, so it’s one dessert that you won’t want to forget about this holiday season.

Classic Sugar Cookies

You can hardly have the holidays without a platter of traditionally festive sugar cookies. These classic confections are exactly what your customers are looking for this holiday season.

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