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Reliable Cold Storage Will Keep Your Food Safe

One of the most important aspects of foodservice is food safety. Restaurant operators have a responsibility to prioritize food safety for the health of their customers. This is a major focus when handling perishable foods. Items such as meat and dairy must be kept at a constant cold temperature to prevent them from going bad. Restaurant operators run refrigerators day and night to keep their products safe. Any undetected pause in refrigeration from power or employee error opens the door to serving spoiled food. This is a major reason why long-term storage of perishable foods adds tremendous stress for many restaurant owners.

Cotati Food Service offers reliable cold storage that will remove stress and hassle from your operation. Our high-quality cold rooms and freezers run 24/7 and provide a safe environment for any perishable food. We have tremendous space in our expansive storage facility to accommodate a variety of products.

Contact our team to learn more about how Cotati Food Service can fulfill your storage needs!

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