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Reimagining Your Operation Amidst The Pandemic

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on the restaurant and foodservice industry. The Franchise Times recently hosted a webinar titled, “Rethinking, Reimagining, and Reopening Your Restaurant”. There are several useful tips that the panelists highlighted to help keep operations running.

1. Outdoor seating

Many restaurants never had outdoor seating pre-pandemic, so they are having to be creative about patios. Many restaurants are resulting to setting up tables in parking lots to maintain social distancing. This is a way to allow dine-in customers while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

2. Digitization

QR codes for customers to scan when picking up their food in parking spaces have become popular and also increases labor efficiency. Contactless payment systems are also a good idea, even allowing customers to leave gratuity on the website or on the phone.

3. Single-use menus

Although not the most environmentally friendly, operations are resulting to menus they can discard after a customer uses it. However, some restaurants are laminating their paper menus to make it easy to sanitize and reuse.

Experts expect that the traditional lending market will be slow for a while, but if restaurants are being innovative and creative in how they operate, it will be easier for them to succeed in the long run.

To read more, visit Food Service News.

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