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Reimagining the Restaurant Industry Post COVID-19

The harsh safety guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic immediately placed thousands of restaurants on-hold. As the reopening process starts, customers will be coming back to a much different dine-in experience. Many foodservice professionals are projecting that the regulations of the past couple months will impact how operators conduct business post COVID-19 – many will continue to adopt public health regulations for the foreseeable future.

QSR Magazine broke-down 13 ways that COVID-19 will alter the restaurant industry going forward. Here are several takeaways:

  • Restaurant products will likely decline in supply as more consumers shop retail
  • Food safety is going to remain a key focus
  • Curbside pickup will be a primary channel to reach customers
  • More operators are going to focus on implementing drive-thru and pickup windows

Regardless of how restaurants pivot, success will ultimately rely on offering delicious food that puts a smile on the face of each customer. Now more than ever, restaurants must create a truly outstanding dining experience to draw customers from the comfort and safety of their home. Cotati Food Service delivers the fresh solutions to produce scrumptious meals that your customers will celebrate.

Our product catalog features a variety of fresh meat, dairy, produce, and all of the essentials. From plant-forward plates to hearty comfort food dishes, our team is committed to providing operators with the ingredients needed to take advantage of industry trends and showcase new meals on the menu. Contact us today to learn more about how our fresh products will improve your restaurant!

For additional information, please read more at QSR Magazine.

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