Ranking the Most Popular Desserts in the USA

From cheesecake to fudge, chocolate cake to chocolate chip cookies, there are a lot of favorite desserts in the USA. Does your favorite make the list? “How Stuff Works” shared the top 10 most popular desserts in the USA. These sweet treats are a must-have for your shop or restaurant. 

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Most of these delicious treats bring up fond memories. America has the highest sugar consumption in the world, so it’s no surprise that we love our sweets. They are the perfect way to finish off a meal and fully satisfy the taste buds. It’s how we treat ourselves for a job well done, how we celebrate birthdays and other special occasions. It seems to be just part of the culture of eating in the USA.

Freshness and quality are extremely important in baking delicious treats. Ingredients such as baking powder and flour must be high-quality to produce ideal texture and consistent performance in every baked sweet.

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