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Popular Food Trends for 2020

2019 was a year of innovation for many restaurant operators across the country. Several changes in consumer eating habits, most notably the establishment of plant-based foods as a mainstream option, have pushed operators to review their menu to satisfy more customers. The end of the year offers a terrific opportunity to reflect on what went right in 2019 and how to improve in the upcoming year.

2020 is expected to feature new eating trends that operators must be aware of. It is never too early to begin implementing these popular trends into the menu. Restaurants that accomplish this will position themselves for a fruitful year of success and growth in 2020.

Here are the popular trends that industry experts expect to make a significant impact in 2020:

  • Environmental Impact of Plant-Based Burgers
  • Weaker Cocktails
  • Chicken Sandwich Craze
  • Drastic Growth In Innovative Chicken Wings
  • Increase in Plant-Based Alternatives
  • Demand for Enhanced Water Products
  • Incorporating Schnitzel into the Menu

Utilizing several of these trends will help your restaurant grow sales and meet customer demand in 2020.

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To learn more about these trends, continue reading at Nation’s Restaurant News.

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