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Plant-Based Protein is Ripe for Innovation!

More than half of Americans are increasing their plant-based food intake, which means it is important that restaurants rethink how they offer vegetarian and vegan menu items. Although the goal is to appeal to vegetarians, engaging meat eaters as well is key to success. Brands must leverage foods that are naturally high in protein to create vegan options that resemble classic favorites and redesign menus to make it easier to order vegetarian dishes.

Companies like Veggie Grill are offering more items that have whole proteins, such as quinoa with black beans, avocado, and Brussels sprouts. This is because customers are becoming more aware of chemicals and genetically modified ingredients. In order to keep food affordable, restaurants engineer their supply chain and vendor partnerships to balance price and quality.

Many restaurants are also mimicking favorite items like burgers and fries. This would include a veggie burger topped with vegan bacon and bun. Because most people associate veganism with bland food, seasoning is incredibly important. Another trend is offering the vegan and vegetarian options directly on the menu so customers don’t have to heavily customize other menu options.

It is expected that plant-based foods will become even more popular in the future and the demand will only increase. Cotati Food Service offers a large range of vegetarian foods to utilize in your operation. From black bean burgers, to vegan breakfast meat, to even vegan condiments like mayonnaise, we have everything you need for your operation to succeed with this new trend.

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