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Offer multiple bread options to satisfy more customers

Bread comes in many different shapes and forms. Every type of bread will have defining characteristics that not only set them apart from other breads, but offer different benefits to your customers.

Whole wheat brings tremendous nutritional value, as grains in whole wheat possess proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants. Sourdough carries a slightly sour taste and buttery interior texture that has made it a traditional favorite for years. Rye has an earthy taste and firm texture that has proven to be the ideal bread for deli meats such as pastrami and corned beef.

Restaurants that can offer a wide selection of different bread can target customers with different eating preferences. This concept allows a singular menu item, such as a sandwich, to appeal to vastly different customers. Made with whole wheat bread, a sandwich can be marketed as an ideal, health-conscious option that provides significant nutritional value. Made with fresh sourdough, a sandwich can be marketed as a tasty indulgence that features rich, delicious flavors.

The breakfast menu is the perfect place to highlight the versatility of bread. Fresh bread is essential to classic breakfast dishes, such as French toast. French toast relies on high-quality bread to soak in the delicious flavors that lead to a light, fluffy texture and sweet taste in every bite. Toasted breakfast sandwiches featuring eggs and juicy cuts of meat depend on bread to create an easy to hold, convenient option while providing a crunchy texture. Avocado toast is one of the most popular items sweeping the country; restaurant operators need fresh bread to add it to their menu and capitalize on the trend.

Different breads can star in each of these morning options. French toast that features whole wheat bread is going to attract more health conscious customers that want to indulge in a small treat. Avocado toast on rich sourdough will target customers that want to pair the fresh flavors of an avocado with the luscious texture of fresh, doughy sourdough.

Restaurants that use a diverse selection of bread to cater to their customers wants will improve their menu and increase customer satisfaction.


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