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Offer Spooky Treats With The Help of Buchmann!

Buchmann Spooky Treats . .

With Halloween on the way, your menu is ripe for an overhaul. Spooky treats are a fun and creative way to get your customers excited for the change in seasons!

The great thing about spooky treats is you don’t have to change too much about your menu. As long as you get fresh baking supplies and use a little imagination, you can create Instagram-worthy dishes. We at Buchmann work hard to connect quality bakery supplies with restaurants, bakeries, and delis.

We have baking supplies to help you with spooky treat ideas galore!

Ideas for Halloween Themed Desserts, Toppers and Sprinkles

Halloween is still a crazy popular holiday defined by orange colors, fall imagery, and plenty of scares. Try to focus on just one theme per dessert to give it focus.

For example, you can create the following ideas for your next holiday menu extravaganza:

Bat-Themed Cookies

Give your customers some grab-and-go food when they’re in a hurry. Bat themed cookies can be made with chocolate, vanilla, or maple batter. Shape them by hand or with a cookie cutter!

Black Cat Cupcakes

For customers with a larger appetite, try black cat cupcakes with liquid eggs. Use dark chocolate for the batter and craft a sleeping cat on top with cream cheese frosting. Tiny sprinkles can be used for the eyes, nose, or whiskers.

Witchy Fritters

Fritters are commonly associated with autumn. Make them witchy by giving them green food dye or shaping them like a broomstick.

Add Chocolate Cake Mix to Your Menu Offerings This Fall

Chocolate cake is rich and sumptuous, perfect for when the season gets cold and is appropriate for all things Halloween. A peak menu item you can try is crafting a large chocolate cake and serving individual slices.

The Benefits of Canned Pumpkins for Holiday Feasts

Canned pumpkins are a staple for customers during the fall! To keep things simple, try using them for pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, or flavoring for cookies.

We are a wholesale bakery supply distributor that is eager to bring out your establishment’s best side this autumn season. Contact us today for all of the highest quality baking ingredients!

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