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Offer Special Items on Mother’s Day!

This Mother’s Day is destined to be a little out of the ordinary with the pandemic upon us. Customers will be staying home and celebrating instead of going out to the traditional brunch or dinner. However, many families will choose to order takeout or delivery instead of cooking, so it is important for restaurants to offer items that people normally enjoy on Mother’s Day. There is still opportunity to create a special menu that will stay fresh with takeout and delivery.

Brunch options could include fresh frittata or quiche to satisfy those with that savory craving. Consumers also love eggs for brunch, so a shakshuka, eggs benedict, or huevos rancheros dish would deem fitting. Soup or stew is also a great item that can be offered for both brunch and dinner. Having a few different types of salad on the brunch menu would also be smart, such as the classic caesar and cobb salads. Dinner items to offer on Mother’s Day could include anything from a filet mignon to baked salmon, or even a vegetarian dish such as eggplant parmesan.

Cotati Food Service can help provide any of the ingredients that your restaurant needs to offer the perfect Mother’s Day menu. We know how difficult of a time it is for all businesses, so let us accommodate your needs.

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