Oceania/EU Butter Prices Continue to Move Higher

This week’s Legacy Market News Update has valuable information for baking operations. Here is a summary of important points:

BUTTER: It’s hard to explain why the CME spot butter price has shot up 17 cents ($375/MT) since last Thursday. Maybe there isn’t a single driver and it is a combination of good retail sales, higher exports, larg- er government purchases and cold weather/milk dumping tightening the amount of excess butter that is being generated. Oceania/EU butter prices continue to move higher.

FLOUR: Feed wheat demand has increased as corn prices trend higher. Record large production estimates are coming out for Australia.

EGGS: Wholesale prices for cartoned shell eggs held steady through the week as the level of offerings declined to light to moderate levels even as supplies drew down to moderate levels. Consumer demand for shell eggs over the past week remained lackluster as shoppers focused their purchasing on sweetheart fare for Valentine’s Day.

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