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National Bakery Day Just Got Sweeter

National Bakery Day was first celebrated back in 2017 & was born from the love of the retail bakery. This event offers an opportunity for bakers to celebrate their craft, hard work, and creativity!

This year, National Bakery Day will be celebrated on Friday Sept. 17th. It will be a day to show people how fun it can be to make cakes and cookies with their friends and family. We will also get the chance to enjoy what bakers get to bring to the table.

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Baked Goods We Offer

There are many different types of baked goods that you can choose to make on National Bakery Day. At Buchmann Eggs, we use superior ingredients when it comes to baking.

Our organic eggs are an excellent source of protein to add to your baking arsenal. Buchmann Eggs only uses high-quality ingredients with no artificial flavors to produce the best baking experience possible. We’ve been producing fresh ingredients since 1961 and don’t plan to stop!

Best way to celebrate is with tasty traditional Mexican & Spanish breads – try these popular creations:

  • Pan dulce
  • Orejas
  • Concha
  • Pierna de Pollo con Pina
  • Chino con Coco
  • Pastelito de Piña
  • Ojo de Buey


Are you in the food industry looking to take your business to the next level with organic and high-quality ingredients? Contact Buchmann Eggs to learn more!

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