Most Popular Summer Baked Goods

This summer, take advantage of all the colorful fruits in season & create mouthwatering baked goods that burst with flavor. With the help of Buchmann Eggs, satisfy your customers with these popular summer favorites: 



Who doesn’t love a warm, delicate chocolate chip cookie? No bakery or restaurant can ever go wrong with offering this simple yet delicious dessert option. Whether you prefer oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle or sugar cookies, it’s a guaranteed showstopper!


A mix of sweet, soft cream cheese, sugar and flavorings, cheesecake is a worldwide favorite that will make a great addition to your summer menu. Dense or fluffy, it can be topped with syrups, nuts, or fruits- the options are endless!


An American classic. Stuffed with apples, this dessert can be served hot topped with creamy, cold vanilla ice cream. A great breakfast or dessert option that will have your customers wanting more. 


Are you looking for high-quality dry ingredients and fresh eggs for your commercial bakery? Buchmann Eggs has been in operation since 1961, and  provide products for the hospitality, grocery, and foodservice industries. 

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