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Methods to Improve Your Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is the restaurant industry’s fastest-growing daypart, making it an ideal environment for creativity and experimentation. As restaurants explore and bring new flavors, textures, spice levels, and ingredients to consumers, breakfast has intersected with another important trend: the all-important snack.

Smucker® March 2018 Trend Report discovered that two-thirds of consumers find breakfast snacks appealing, and more than half would like to see more breakfast snacks on restaurant menus. Though still a relatively new concept in full-service restaurants, operators are learning that pairing breakfast with snacks is a recipe for success. In a crowded industry, it is vital for restaurant operators to offer innovative items on their menu to help set them apart from competitors.

Here are three ways to find increased success with your breakfast menu:

  1. Miniature Sizes
  2. Signature Breakfast Bars
  3. Portable Presentation

For more information, read on at Food Newsfeed.

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