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Made From Scratch

Made From Scratch

…to finished ready to serve, a Buchmann “On the Rise” look at what’s trending with consumers this Spring. A large portion of our stocked ingredients are eggs, flour, sugar, butter, cream cheese, and leavening products. Our bakery customers are creating with a symphony of ingredients, however the main ingredients for most baked items are commodity ingredients. One “made from scratch” dessert is cheesecake. The consumer trend has been making the cheesecake “by the slice” in a to-go container and single servings in a silicone cup popular. Incredible cheesecake combinations are derived with added inclusions of fruit compounds, savory adds like rosemary, lemon, and lavender, keeping the customer engaged to try a seasonal or savory flavor.  Cheesecake minis have been a hot trend for weddings and banquet dessert tables to offer guests a variety apart from traditional cake.

Chocolate nutted topped bars, Cookies in Cookies, and Artisan bread are still very popular since the pandemic, and creative inclusions set bakers apart along with custom branded packaging. To assist our bakery and restaurant customers with their artistry and unique offerings, our bakery and restaurant division added to the main stock of base ingredients. There are now over 1,400 items – some special order – and mostly stocked sans a few sell outs here and there. Some specialty items include Peter’s Caramel, Merckens Coating Chocolate, Guittard chips, Fabbri compounds and cherries, and Mona Lisa Crisp Pearls for topping. We are even servicing gelato customers with gums, stabilizers, dextrose, gelato and sorbet bases, and specialty fruit compounds. The consumer demand for gelato and pastries has increased in the past year, and Gelaterias are also including specialty coffees and desserts to keep up with demands.

Just this year, Buchmann Bakery and Restaurant Supplies added additional frozen ready to serve desserts made locally in San Diego County. Our customers now have the option to offer “Made from Scratch” by local bakery manufacturers and truly call it “Made from Scratch.” These items are fresh, frozen; however, we prefer to pick up/deliver the same day to preserve the fresh quality of these desserts. Desserts offered are cheesecakes, carrot cake, bars, variety of brownies, and specialty cakes. These are special order in advance. Dessert items stocked regularly include Hope’s Cookies, in a variety of flavors, Le Chef Desserts, and Jessie Lord Pies (apple, cherry, pumpkin, and pecan). All these bakeries pride themselves by using quality ingredients and started as a “made from scratch” bakery. We are proud to be able to sell their products. What will you make from scratch for your customers?

So when you hear Buchmann Egg Inc, you think of eggs, however we are more than an egg products distributor.  Feel free to browse our product listing online at buchmannegg.com/products/. Email us at sales@buchmannegg.com to ask for our new product listing with our new dessert offerings, along with other exciting products we added. We are happy to take your order over the phone by calling 619-443-6875. We offer will call and delivery service 6 days per week. We look forward to serving you soon.

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