The August 14th edition of the Legacy Market News provided an overview of weekly market updates in produce, dairy, meat, and more. This week’s report featured important information about the current supply and prices of popular fruit. Here are several key takeaways:

STRAWBERRIES — Due to cooler weather, we expect production to downtrend. As a result of the cooler temperatures, fruit size is favorable across all varieties, and even with less fruit the quality and firmness are good.

WATERMELON — Prices continue to be high due to light supply. Florida is done, Georgia and Alabama have limited supply and demand at retail is putting tremendous pressure on the supply chain. Quality is also being impacted in the east from the moisture and virus pressure.

HONEY DEW: Very good supplies of honeydews this week with a good run of sizes. There is one shipper left in the desert with honeydews available, but volume has picked up in Central CA with very good quality.

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