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Keeping Up with Consumer Cravings

There are various needs that customers are wanting when eating from restaurants. Over the past few years, diners have gravitated towards spicier flavors, easy add-on options, and intriguing flavors. Being accommodating to the consumer is vital to helping your operation succeed.

Convenient, easy-add options

More than half of consumers that were surveyed by Technomic said that adding flavor to their food appeals to them. This can be via dips, condiments, or marinades. As everyone’s lives get busier, offering customization in your operation can help you stand out from competitors. Because consumers are turning to takeout and delivery more often, portable, single-serve condiments make it easy to offer the flavors that customers are looking for.

Interesting flavors make for an intriguing menu

Consumers are more likely to order a particular dish if it comes with a sauce that is unique, too. Tabasco offers different flavors of heat, depending on what the dish is. From a guava and pineapple hot sauce for something like macaroni and cheese, to a sriracha sauce for a “breakfast pizza” with bacon, sausage, cheddar, and jalapeños.

Adding sauces and flavors to dishes will increase your customer satisfaction and sales. Restaurants do not need to revamp their entire menu to cater to this need — just a few added side condiments are all you need! Luckily, Cotati Food Service can help your business make these creations. Contact us today to see how we can help your operation!

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