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Why Breakfast Is Vital for Your Health

In the ongoing debate about whether breakfast is best, new data is pointing towards some surprising drawbacks of missing your morning meal: Skipping breakfast may actually up your risk of heart attack or stroke, a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests.

The study analyzed the eating patterns of more than 6,500 adults between the ages of 40-75. Researchers found several noteworthy discoveries:

  • Non-breakfast eaters are 87% more likely to have a cardiovascular disease take their life 
  • Non-breakfast eaters are three times more likely to experience a stroke
  • Non-breakfast eaters are 59% more likely to contract a heart disease and die

The researchers thoroughly agree that consuming breakfast is much healthier than skipping it. They list several health benefits that eating breakfast provides, such as regulating your appetite and lowering blood pressure.

For more detailed information about the study, please read on at Bicycling.com

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