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Introducing Our New Delivery Trucks!

Here at Cotati Food Service, we take pride in distributing fresh products in a timely manner. Our distribution trucks are a key element in providing high-quality service to our valued customers. Recently, our business has invested in additional distribution resources that display our commitment to quality transportation of quality products.

We have added four Great Dane trailers to our fleet. With the help of Lumen, a division of Goblon, our new trucks are designed to highlight many of the fresh products and food groups that we distribute to our customers. This includes ingredients such as fresh vegetables, rich cheese, and quality cuts of meat.

The new trucks also display our strong passion for food safety. Investing in new equipment and resources is just one of the many ways that our company encourages safe transportation of delicious products.

The design process for these trucks took several months. The goal was to create a truck that communicated our intent as a food distributor. We eventually formed the design that truly conveyed who we are as a company and what we’re selling – fresh solutions.

These new trucks highlight two of our most important priorities: quality transportation of fresh products and an unwavering commitment to food safety. Be on the lookout for our new trucks on the road throughout Northern California!

Please contact us for more information about our fresh products!

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